gong helps simplify
and organise your life.

  • Calendar

    view your timeline
    and create events

  • Contacts

    invite your contacts
    to your events

  • Chat

    a private room
    for every event

  • Smart

    gong learns and suggests
    based on previous events
    and favourite places

  • Easy

    add people, locations,
    and notes to events

  • Automagic

    gong knows when
    invitees are busy
    and suggests when
    to have event

  • All-in-one

    talk with your friends
    in one place and be
    first to know when
    plans change

  • Spread the word

    share event links
    to notify and invite
    more people

  • Explore

    find public events
    to add to your

  • Syncronised

    sync your phone's
    calendars and contacts
    to stay up-to-date

  • Private by design

    gong only needs to know
    enough to help —
    your data is your own!

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what people are saying

"Product from a Team I've been following since quite a while now and love the direction they're taking."

Cyril Paglino (Founder of Tribe) on ProductHunt

"Every time you add an event to your calendar, you can invite people and then talk with them in a chat tied directly to that event. So if you’re planning multiple events with multiple people, this is THE place to keep it all straight."

Cailey Rizzo on Brit + Co

"I for one will be giving this a solid try as I've just got too much overlap from calendars and apps atm."

Daniel Sobey-Harker on ProductHunt

"This is truly awesome! Incredibly exciting with backed in products that provide contextual elements without having to tell xyz friend what I am talking about because of the chat-based events!"

Austin Sandmeyer on ProductHunt

"I was just browsing Product Hunt and found a neat application for iOS that I just had to share with you guys. Called Gong it is an app that I have never seen before, but honestly, makes a great amount of sense."

Nicholas Griffin on TechNutty

"The wheel interface is interesting. Always nice to see new conventions on old problems."

Graham Gnall on ProductHunt

"Very interesting. Great name. Calendar apps that incrementally improve certain interactions are great. I agree with the UI."

David Feng on ProductHunt

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